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About Bill McHugh

Bill McHugh lives in Leland with his wife Danielle. He is an attorney and works in the field of Clinical Research, negotiating contracts with clinical trial sites. Bill graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2007 with a BA in Political Science and Social Science. He earned his Juris Doctor degree in Florida from St. Thomas University School of Law in 2012.

Bill is an Eagle Scout with a history of service to his community. Bill’s service includes working with “Gateway Community Outreach” in Florida in 2015 where he assisted food insecure families. He also volunteered with local catering companies and food trucks after Florence to help feed individuals in need as well as members of the Cajun Navy. In 2018 he served on the NHRMC “Storm Team” during Hurricane Florence where he was a Food and Nutrition Coordinator, providing meals to the hospital staff and families during the lockdown. The NHRMC Food and Nutrition Department served over 100,000 meals during a six-day period. Most recently, he worked on COVID-19 clinical trials during the Coronavirus pandemic. Bill negotiated and executed contracts to get clinical trial sites activated so they could start enrolling patients quickly.

Bill is no newcomer to politics. He has been involved at the local, state, and federal level since he was in junior high protesting in DC to stop a bill that would have lowered the standards of dolphin-safe tuna. Since then, Bill has worked on several campaigns and pushed to increase voter registration, voter turnout, and access to absentee ballots. Those efforts include running a coordinated phone campaign in 2020 and hitting the streets to sign up voters in 2016. In 2015 he appeared before the Broward County Commission to push them to strike a deal with Uber regarding unpaid fees so Uber could resume service in one of Florida’s largest counties.

Our Path Forward

Environmental Sustainability

As citizens of Leland, we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment during a time of unprecedented growth. Our citizens deserve elected officials who will:

  • protect our environment
  • maintain and expand our park systems
  • ensure clean, safe, affordable drinking water for current and future generations of Lelanders

Further, I pledge to continue efforts to create a tree ordinance for the town and to advance the development of plans like the Leland Parks Master Plan.

Sustainable Managed Growth

Leland is one of the fastest growing communities in the country. We are uniquely positioned to continue to establish our community identity while having the advantage of proximity to Wilmington. We must ensure that our growth is:

  • smart
  • safe
  • sustainable
  • varied

I support the continued development of Leland Vision 2045. When I am elected, I will work with my fellow Town Council members and Brunswick County to find the balance between your interests and the growth that lies ahead.

Workforce Housing

As Leland grows, the demand for housing continues to increase. We need to invest in those who invest in us and make certain that our growth as a community elevates everyone who is a part of it. I am committed to finding creative workforce housing solutions.

These solutions will ensure that those who service our community and/or live on fixed incomes are able to live and thrive in Leland. Examples include:

  • teachers
  • firefighters
  • police
  • healthcare workers
  • service workers
  • seniors

Community Services and Fiscal Responsibility

Leland community services are increasing, so our costs will rise as well. Residential growth cannot sustain itself entirely, particularly when it is expanding rapidly. Consequently, we must be committed to ensuring that Leland is attractive to businesses of all kinds.

When I am elected, I will promote the courting of businesses that can serve our community and bring good, high paying jobs to Leland. It has always been my firm belief that the taxpayer should be the tax beneficiary, so I will strive to keep our budget in line and our finances transparent.

Transportation and Infrastructure Planning

With the tremendous growth of our area, Leland is experiencing increased traffic. We must proactively plan for changes in roadway patterns and needs in our business area subdivisions, including:

  • Magnolia Greens
  • Waterford
  • Brunswick Forest

Continuing to create connectivity among our communities is crucial to our growth. When elected, I will work to maintain a robust partnership with the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization and NCDOT when it comes to the expansion needs of Routes 17, 74, 76, Lanvale Road, Mt. Misery Road, Old Fayetteville Road, and others.

I pledge to include public transportation in future transportation planning as well.

Upcoming Meet & Greet

Belville Fall Festival
Saturday, October 2nd from 10am–4pm
at 580 River Rd SE, Belville, NC

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